Frequently Asked Questions

How many people do you have in your team?

We are a team of five members. I am a Professional Shopify Designer with years of experience, and we have a guy who selecting products from Aliexpress and adding them carefully to store. In addition, we have two guys who are working on Social Media Accounts and one professional Logo Designer with us.

Do you have a support team?

Yes, We are a serious company and we a have an active support team 24/7 so feel free to ask anything at any time!

What does monthly Shopify cost?

Monthly Shopify cost is $29 but after 30 days trial expires.

Will my store be ready for first sales with your job?

We will totally prepare the store for the first sales. You will just need to do marketing.

What are the payment methods?

Payment via PayPal, half before and rest half when store is done, for security reason.

What is the delivery time for the store?

48-72 hours. We are fast because we have the sound team with experience who work on it.

How long are you into drop-shipping?

More than 2 years and we have made 300+ stores till now.

What do you require from me to get started?

We need to know what niche you want for your store and categories/subcategories you want to have. Also, you must have PayPal to start drop-shipping. If you are ready, we can start today, just message us!

How to sell without inventory?

That’s drop-shipping. You have a supplier and when you sell a product you go to Ali express and direct ship that product to customer and just take profit. You can choose the profit margin for products on your store, and we will help you with that too.

Do you have examples of your work?

Yes, Of course, we have, check them out here!